On Monday evening April 2nd, we had our first CodeBlock class. In our newly carpeted classroom we had 5 students and it was taught by Lance Cleveland.

Lance posted a prep sheet here.

It was a great time, we talked about the types of projects we want to work on as a class and discussed the open source culture we are striving for.

We helped each other set up our developer’s environment and Lance set us up with the tools he is going to use for this class. That way we are all on the same page and are able to move forward faster as a group.

We discussed VVV and Vagrant and how they interact with Virtual Box. We learned how to install and run the VM on Windows and Mac.

The next class is Block1 on April 15th (7PM-9PM) and will most likely cover Git and best practices. Then we will probably decide on what we are going to build as our first project.

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