The Blockyard™ is more than a software company. We are a collaborative community creating all things tech from commercial grade software to advanced construction methods.

Our main email is:

So who are we?
1) Cool people
2) In an old Navy warehouse, sharing a workspace with a Crypto-Mine. 
3) Developers & Engineers working to support decentralized technology and any other project ranging from advanced construction methods to commercial grade software.

Membership fees are kept as low as possible to pay for the operating costs of the business. Because our current location is zoned M-2 (Heavy Industrial) we need extra insurance and liability waivers and that makes our operating cost a little more than other working areas. If you are ok with a “garage band” coding atmosphere, then you might be a good Blockyard candidate.

How are Profits distributed?

At the end of a cycle (6 months) if there are any profits, they will be distributed in the form of a dividend. This distribution is determined by the number of “Blocks” earned per member. Every member earns a fixed amount of “Blocks” that they can trade for services or hodl if he or she wants. At the cycle’s end, the total number of “Blocks” are divided by the number of Class B shares available (102,816) so you get a fair dividend payment based on the amount of “Blocks” you earn or trade.

Base Membership Earnings

Founders    = 8 Blocks/month
Level 3     = 4 Blocks/month
Level 2     = 2 Blocks/month
Level 1     = 1 Blocks/month
Level 0     = 0 Blocks/month

What do we offer members?

  • A cool place to work quietly alone or loudly with others
  • Access to an on-site crypto mine
  • Steep discounts on coding classes
  • Access to projects to make a little side cash
  • Breakroom with Direct TV, Couches, and Video Games
  • Kitchen
  • Wood and Metal Area
  • Freestyle Working Area
  • Bull-Pen Style Office and Private Offices
  • Showers, Lockers, and even a Clothes Washer/Dryer
  • AND if the Blockyard is profitable 60% of all profits go back to you!

(note, some of the above is still underconstruction)


Q: How does the profit sharing work?
A: Every month a certain amount of <BLOCKS> are earned by each member based on their level. These <BLOCKS> can be traded or sold to anyone. When the time comes for dividends to be distributed, each <BLOCK> is weighed according to the total number of <BLOCKS> in circulation (can never be more than 2448). The resulting percentage will be that member’s profit share for that particular business cycle.

Q: How do I Level up?
A: A recommendation must be submitted by a member in a rank above your current rank. Then the Membership Committee will read the recommendation and vote on it. 

Q: Can I ever become a Founding Member?
A: Yes,but there must be an opening and you must be nominated and voted in.

Q: What if I don’t want to be a member anymore, can I get out? 
A: Yes, you may submit your resignation at anytime and without questions.

Q: When will the company profits distributed:
A: Semi-Annually

Q: If someone is a member for a few months, then quits, will they be eligible for a profit distribution?
A: Only if they are a member during the profit distribution.

Q: If I am a owner in the company, am I also liable for debts?
A: No, the Op Agreement states that non-voting members will not be liable for debts.