Projects can be shared by members and profits can be donated to The BlockYard at whatever percentage the member wants.

So…why would you share a percentage of your profits to The BlockYard? The answer is simple; if you think you are going to benefit from The BlockYard’s space/members then you should share your profits in proportion to the amount of that benefit. Of course, this idea of sharing your project is voluntary.

On the other hand, if we get a contract for work and some members want to work on it then they can. If there is any profit after the core developers get paid then that money will get distributed to the other members regardless of their contribution level.

In all cases, dividends/distributions are made based on the amount of <BLOCKS> earned.

Here is what we are working on so far:

20% project from Lance Cleveland: Coding School and Web App development course

10% project from GS LLC:™– a shared webspace for all unique businesses on earth.

5% project from GS LLC: Brute Force Computing™ — a crypto mining business